Return of gold ounces from key support

On November 30, 2020, the global ounce of gold, after hitting $ 1764, started moving up to the price of $ 1959.36. Gold traders entered the market around this rate, which resulted in the beginning of a new downtrend. Recently, gold ounce price movements have been restricted between the two downtrend lines. In today's trading, the market is again supported by the price of $ 1708.64 and the price of gold has risen. If the market continues to return positively from $ 1708.6 and the ounce of gold breaks the downtrend line, one can expect the market to move to the rate of $ 1742.21, the moving average of 50 and the resistance of $ 1767.
But if the ounce of gold definitively breaks the 1708.64-1700 range, it could start a new downtrend to support at $ 1675 and then $ 1650.