Fundamental analysis of the US dollar Sunday, April 18

US 10-year Treasury bond yields have fallen to 1.53 percent

The US dollar index is still below the 200-day moving average at 92.21. US 10-year Treasury yields failed to rise, falling to 1.53 percent (new monthly floor). Optimism about the future of the global economy, or risky currents, has also reduced demand for safe-haven assets such as the US dollar.

The US dollar index has been declining since the beginning of April. The dollar has fallen, despite a 9.8 percent rise in the US retail index. This means that economic data may no longer be relevant to the US dollar. Because the US Federal Reserve has decided not to change its monetary policy for the next few years. Recently, the Vice President of the US Federal Reserve stressed that even a sharp fall in the unemployment rate is not an excuse to raise interest rates. This means that we should expect a further reduction in the rate of return on Treasury bonds and a weakening of the US dollar.