Successful implementation of the first smart contract on Alonzo Cardano According to the June 11 development update, the first smart contract on Alonzo, Cardano Public Network, has been successfully completed.

As reported by U.Today, smart contracts are expected to be fully operational by September.

Currently, the development team is in the middle of the "Alonzo Blue" stage. The program is focused on creating command line interfaces (CLIs) for writing "Hello World" style smart contracts.

As soon as the partners and pioneers can create the basic scripts, Cardano will be ready to move to Alonzo White. According to Nigel Hemsley, Head of Delivery and IOHK Projects, they must successfully prove that they can "send, validate and execute in the supply chain."

During that step, all Plutus components, including the application backend code, will be introduced.

Altlabs, Eleks, Mlabs, Obsidian and other partners are currently working on applications such as cryptocurrency exchanges, liquidity and stock pools, NFTs and exchanges.

When all stock pool operators and Plutus pioneers can join, this public network will be completely public during the "Alonzo Purple" phase.