Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Terra Virtua Collect Digital Currency (TVK) is the first blockchain technology-based entertainment platform that combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments with digital collections in a large, attractive and immersive market. In fact, the Terra Virtua Kolect digital currency has given new life to the digital collecting space by using new technologies such as blockchain, defa, augmented reality, virtual reality and interchangeable tokens (NFT) on its platform.

What is Tera Virtua Collection (TVK)?

Ter Virtua is a platform for sharing, exchanging and interacting with digital collections of business letters and manufacturers in a new, social, engaging and ubiquitous way.
Tra Virtua offers users a virtual world on PCs, mobile phones as well as virtual reality headsets. In addition, the platform is supported by virtual reality content developers and is secured by Atrium Blockchain.
Who are the founders of Terra Virtua?

Launched by former executives of Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ocean, Warner Bros. and PlayStation VR, Terra Virtua is built around a powerful community.

Gary Bracey is the CEO of Terra Virtua kolect Digital Currency. Prior to launching the platform, he worked for more than 35 years in the gaming industry, from software developer Ocean Software to Digimask Technology Company.

Jawad Ashraf is another co-founder and chief technology officer of Ter Virtue. He is a technology entrepreneur who worked in the insurance, energy trading, risk management and mobile applications industries for more than 30 years before joining the platform.

Dough Dyer, Chief Operating Officer of Tra Vircova, has held management positions in entertainment industry giants such as Microsoft, Warner Bros., and more for more than 25 years. He has also worked with well-known brands such as The Simpsons, Harry Potter and the Age of Empires.

Jeff Holmberg is the chief sales officer of Ter Vircova. He is actually a Wall Street veteran who has worked with giants like OpenSea, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

History of the Ter Vircova project

The Ter Virtue project was launched in 2017. After completing the concept test and creating a team of leaders, its private pre-sale began in 2018. That year, the Tera Virtue team also launched an alpha version of its portal.

2019 is an important year for the Terra Virtua Kolect digital currency. In that year, the company partnered with some of the entertainment industry leaders and sold collections such as The Godfather and Lost in the Space.


Ter Virtue is a versatile entertainment platform!

There are many virtual worlds on websites or mobile apps. However, it is difficult to find a world that exists in both versions, including the augmented reality and virtual reality dimensions. The Ter Virtual Calcutta digital currency has made this possible.

While one of the first blockchain and augmented reality and virtual reality synchronization platforms, TraVirchua also uses interchangeable token (NFT) tokens to create and store digital collectible assets. In other words, Tra Virtue gives brands and companies access to a virtual world where they can interact with their real customers. That's why Ter Virtue works with many giants in the entertainment industry.
Ter Virtue Collection covers a wide range of content!

The Ter Virtue ecosystem has different environments that allow users to pursue their interests.

The first environment is Fancave; A personal space where you can view and manage your digital collections. You can customize the Fancave environment to your liking. In addition, Ter Vircova intends to support social interactions in this environment in the future.

The next environment is Terradome; An environment designed to hold life-size vehicles, robots, and imaginary creatures from movies such as Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim The Uprising, and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Fancave and Terradome environments on the Ter Virtue platform
In addition, the Tera Virtue team continues to improve these environments. For example, the developers of this platform increased the space of Terradome corners to adapt the environment to the various movements of monsters such as Kaijus.
At Ter Virtue, users make money by producing content!

While the content of this platform is produced by its in-house team, the production, sale and exchange of art is also possible for users. At Terra Virtua Gallery, the platform's third environment, users, artists and collectors can display their artwork for sale or just display.

In January 2021, the platform consisted of an 11-member group of independent artists, and since then, 20 more artists have been added to the family.

According to the data provided on the website nonfungible.com, as of April 2021, more than 1360 sales have been made on the Ter Virtue platform.

On the other hand, any platform must generate revenue for its growth. For this purpose, Tera Virchova, using an interesting business model, opens the flow of income on its platform: in this market, only collectible items are licensed for sale.

Tera Virchua rewards you in the real world!

This can be the most exciting part of Ter Virtue! Users of the platform can be rewarded in the real world as part of the Prestige Club program, which includes Stick Virtue (TVK) dedicated token sticking. These rewards come in many forms; From meeting the creator of an NFT to being able to buy a collectible item for a movie and more.
Ter Virtue Virtual Items Make Real Money!

Over the past few months, a strong community around NFTs has developed and people are spending huge sums of money to have unique digital collections.

According to published statistics, NFTs can generate $ 200 billion in gaming market revenue, $ 4.82 billion in online digital art community, and more. In addition to creating and storing assets in NFT format, Tra Vircova is ready to support this growing industry.

Ter Virtue digital currency has recreated the field of collection!
Humans have been advocating the collection of various collections for centuries. For most collectors, the value of collectibles goes beyond their financial aspect. According to Forbes magazine, the digital collectibles market has the potential to become a $ 200 billion industry. Ter Vircova is a great platform to support the growth of such an industry on this scale.
Ter Virtue supports agnostic payment feature!

To maximize the acceptance of their platform, the developers of Travirchua have developed it as an agnostic or agnostic payment platform. This means that users can make their payments using Fiat currency or credit cards. In addition, the platform also accepts payments in the form of Atrium.
What companies does Terra virtua digital currency work with?

Terra virtua's most important digital currency partners for digital collections are Legendary Entertainment Film Production Company and Paramount Pictures Film Production and Distribution Studio.

Ter Virtue is the official provider of Paramount Pictures NFTs. The platform has released NFT collections of highly successful films such as The Godfather and Top Gun.

Also, Tera Virchova, as the official partner of Legendary Pictures, will soon release the collectibles of the very popular Godzilla vs. Kung.

In addition, Tra Vircova plans to partner with the following platforms in the future:

    Polygon platform - formerly known as Matic; To expedite the adoption of NFTs.
    Polkamarkets platform to rebuild its market.
    Arkane network to add an intuitive wallet.

    Phantasma platform for the development of time-based, demand-based and nested multilayer NFTs.
    Elrond for state Sharding compliance with the Proof of Consensus (PoS) algorithm.
    MEME to support limited edition NFT stake farming.
    IGGalaxy to support competitive social games.
    Utrust to provide a multiplayer payment solution.
    Utopia Genesis for tokenized music rights.


What is a TVK token?

The dedicated token of the Ter Virchua digital currency platform is called Kolect, abbreviated to TVK. Calcutta is a token based on the ERC-20 (Atrium Blockchain) standard that brings a full world of privileges, experiences and opportunities to users.

Applications of the Collective Token (TVK) include the following:

    Sticking and Farming: TVK token holders can receive unique NFTs in the Ter Virtue market as a reward by sticking.
    Access: TVK token holders can access top events and content, such as contests, exclusive NFT airships, etc., through the Prestige Club.
    DAO and Management: Ter Virtue digital currency token holders can participate in decisions related to this community.
    Creating an irreplaceable token or NFT: In order to reach the market and promote 3D collections, manufacturers must use the TVK token.

Where to buy and store TVK token?

On February 26, the CollectK Token (TVK) was listed on the Binance Innovation Zone platform. As such, the token is now available for purchase in a number of exchanges, including Bainance, Uniswap, BitMax, 1inch, and more.

As mentioned, the Calcutta token (TVK) is a token based on the Atrium ERC-20 standard. Therefore, this token can be stored in any Atrium compatible wallet. Among the most popular wallets that support TVK tokens are Ledger Nano S, Trezor One, Exodus, Coinomi, MetaMask, and more. . You can see other wallets that support Calcutta tokens here.
Calcutta Token (TVK) Price History

The price of the Terra Virchua Calcutta (TVK) digital currency has been in the range of $ 0.01-06 since its launch in December 2020 and February 2021. In February 2021, as the NTF market boomed, the price of the TVK token also picked up, until on March 15, the Terra Virtua Kolect digital currency reached its all-time high of $ 1.13.
Since then, the price of the Tera Virtue Collect digital currency has dropped slightly to around $ 0.8.

Terra Virtua Kolect digital currency seems to be ready to start a new chapter in the world of digital collections with its extensive contributions. In addition, this ecosystem offers exciting, innovative and engaging experiences and incentives. Obviously, with more commercials coming into the platform, Ter Vircova will have a large share of the $ 200 billion digital collectibles market.