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The Pfizer vaccine is approved for children 12 to 15 years of age

The Pfizer vaccine is approved for children 12 to 15 years of age


According to a report released late Monday, Pfizer is expected to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration to use the vaccine in children ages 12 to 15. Federal officials told the New York Times that the approval could be made later this week.

The Pfizer vaccine is given in two doses three weeks apart and is approved for use in people 16 years of age and older. In April, Pfizer and Biontec applied to US and European authorities for approval to use the vaccine in people aged 12 to 15.

Shares of Fayez rose 3.1% to close at $ 39.83 on Monday, and Biontech shares in the United States closed 11% higher.

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Phemex Exchange added Ripple and 8 other cryptocurrencies to its list

Phemex Exchange added Ripple and 8 other cryptocurrencies to its list


Phemex, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it has added eight new cryptocurrencies to its list of supported currencies. These cryptocurrencies are available in both Spot Market and Derivatives Market. These 8 new currencies are BAT, CHZ, MANA, ENJ, SUSHI, SNX, GRT and MKR.

Following this move, FMEX will support BAT / USDT, CHZ / USDT, MANA / USDT, ENJ / USDT, SUSHI / USDT, SNX / USDT, GRT / USDT and MKR / USDT trading pairs.

The platform implements a rigorous evaluation process for its newly listed currencies. Each entry is examined carefully enough and only currencies are available to the users of this exchange that meet all the set criteria. Meanwhile, users can always provide feedback and suggestions on new features or tokens to the FMEX support team.

Ripple re-entry

Phemex was one of the exchanges that stopped XRP trading and removed this popular cryptocurrency from its list. Since then, the XRP market has returned to normal, and this fact, in turn, has influenced the decision to re-establish spot trades and XRP contracts at the FMX exchange. Users can now access XRP / USDT spot trades as well as XRP / USD linear contracts with up to 20 levers.

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Economic calendar Wednesday, April 28

Economic calendar  Wednesday, April 28


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Economic calendar Tuesday, April 27

Economic calendar  Tuesday, April 27


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Beyond the expectations of users, PayPal's cryptographic services are welcomed

Beyond the expectations of users, PayPal's cryptographic services are welcomed


In an April 25 interview with Time magazine, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said demand for the digital currency services the company recently offered was significantly higher than expected:

The demand in this field has been many times what we initially expected and there is a lot of excitement in this field.

Schulman claims that PayPal has been monitoring the digital currency space for six years. However, the payment giant waited for digital assets to become more widely accepted in society.

Last October, PayPal made it possible for its US users to buy, sell and hold digital currencies, and in late March, it launched its digital currency payment service.

Schulman predicts significant changes in the financial system over the next ten years, which he believes will make today's payment services inefficient:

If you cash a check, receiving money can take up to three days. If you make an international remittance, your money can take up to seven days.

The head of PayPal predicts that up to 10 "superapps" will be used for payment services in the future, and cash will face a "significant reduction".

He also predicts that credit cards will eventually disappear and be replaced by mobile phones.

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Weekly evaluation of Kitco site of gold market Sunday, April 25

Weekly evaluation of Kitco site of gold market Sunday, April 25


An ounce of global gold has failed to break above the $ 1,800 resistance, making buyers pessimistic about the future. Kitco News' weekly assessment shows that the expectations and forecasts of market professionals have changed. Last week, all market traders expected an increase in the price of an ounce of global gold, but since the market could not cross $ 1,800, everyone expects the market to fluctuate in the neutral phase for some time.

This week, 17 Wall Street activists took part in an online evaluation of the Kitco site. 41% predict that the global gold ounce trend will be neutral. Another 41% expect a trend-free market. Meanwhile, 18% of analysts predict that the global gold ounce market trend will decline. Meanwhile, 850 Main Street investors took part in the online poll. 68% were in favor of an uptrend, 28% were in favor of a downtrend and 14% were in favor of a trend-neutral market.

Last week, XAUUSD tried to reach close to $ 1,800, but good US economic data did not allow gold to grow. The US New Homes sales index rose the most in March from 2006. US PMIs also showed strong optimism in the US manufacturing and services sectors.

Analysis of market professionals

Adam Button Senior Market Strategist at Forexlive.com

"The price of an ounce of global gold has risen to around $ 1,675 after forming a twin floor and is entering a neutral phase below $ 1,800 and is resting."

Kevin Grady, President of Phoenix Futures and Options LLC

"Despite the strong recovery in the US economy, selling ounces of global gold is hard work. But as economic recovery accelerates, so will inflationary pressures. "In that case, the ounce of global gold will strengthen as inflationary pressures intensify." In terms of roundness, the medium-term trend of global gold is neutral or trendless.

Jim Wyckoff Technical Analyst at Kitko

According to Vaikov, the global ounce gold trend is still bullish. "The trend of daily charts of global gold and silver is bullish."

Adrian Day, President of Adrian D. Capital Management Company

Although the price of an ounce of global gold was expected to move in an upward straight line and this did not happen, the medium-term trend of an ounce of gold is still bullish. The price of an ounce of global gold has climbed to the top of the recent neutral range at $ 1,750. "The weakening US dollar, declining rates of return on Treasury bonds and the US government's new financial and support package have all supported the global ounce price."

Marc Chandler is the CEO of Bannockburn Global Forex

The professional activist believes that the most important risky event this week is the US Federal Reserve interest rate meeting. According to him, if the US Federal Reserve continues to be inclined to expansionary monetary policy, the price of an ounce of global gold could exceed $ 1,800.

Darin Newsom Independent Market Analyst

Darin Newsam believes that the price of an ounce of global gold could fall to support around $ 1750. "It seems that after the formation of daily return candelas on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the short-term trend of global gold ounces has changed."

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US companies have bought 13,000 bitcoins for $ 48,000 at Coinbase

US companies have bought 13,000 bitcoins for $ 48,000 at Coinbase


Ki Young Ju, chief executive of data company CryptoQuant, announced on Twitter that 13,000 bitcoins had left the US exchange Coinbase.

He said the bitcoins had been bought by US financial institutions and that they were buying more and more bitcoins, despite the recent price correction.

At an average price of $ 48,000 per bitcoin, the value of the 13,000 bitcoins purchased is about $ 624 million.

He mentioned in the tweet that he bought $ 624 million worth of bitcoins and said that with the price of bitcoins reaching $ 51,000, the value of their purchase reached $ 668,244,200, which gave the owners of these bitcoins a profit of $ 42 million in just a few The clock is given.

He called the purchase a very positive signal for Bitcoin.

Tweet translation:

"13,000 bitcoins left the Coinbase exchange in just a few hours. These bitcoins appear to have been transferred to several Custody wallets. US corporate investors are still buying bitcoin for $ 48,000. This is the strongest bullish signal I have ever seen. "

As previously reported on the Holakouee Academy website, Coinbase's large exchange stock is to be listed directly by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The stock will be traded on Nasdaq under the COIN subset. Strangely enough, in the S-1 form of this exchange, Satoshi Nakamoto is mentioned as the designated recipient of this exchange.

The exchange also revealed that it has used bitcoin and other digital assets in its financial accounts since 2012.

The price of Bitcoin has reached $ 51,000 with the announcement of the listing of the exchange's shares in the US stock market.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Sunday, February 21

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Sunday, February 21

The currency calmed down to about $ 56,000 after the last bitcoin price hit a record high of $ 57,500 and then reached $ 54,000 with a sharp correction. Most replacement coins have also been declining over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin settles at $ 56,000

Last week was a good week for the market's top cryptocurrency as it was able to offset the loss from the recent fall of $ 46,000. In the following days, the asset set a new record with a price increase of more than $ 11,000.

These developments led to the beginning of the last significant rally of this currency. The uptrend started at $ 55,000 and ended at levels above $ 57,500.

As is sometimes the case in the world of cryptocurrencies, this record was followed by a sharp drop in price to $ 54,000 in most cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin managed to get out of this correction immediately and is now priced at around It will be traded for 56 thousand dollars.

The market value of the BTC mark has remained at $ 1 trillion, while the dominance of this asset in the market has slightly increased to 61.5% because most altcoins have turned red in the last 24 hours.

Blood bath in the Altcoins market

Over the past few days, most Altcoins have begun to grow; Of course, none of them may have grown as significantly as Baines Coin (BNB). The cryptocurrency gained three-digit growth in the last seven days, setting a new record at around $ 350. It is interesting to know that less than a month ago, BNB was trading at $ 40!

Yesterday, the local currency of Bainance Exchange started a corrective process and lost almost $ 100 of its value and reached $ 260. Atrium fell 4 percent after failing to close its daily candle above the $ 2,000 milestone. Ripple (7.5%), Light Coin (8-%) and Bitcoin Cash (8-%) are also red.

Polkadat reached a new record above $ 40 yesterday and for a short time even replaced the BNB among the top 3 currencies in the market, but has since stopped and is now trading below this level. Cardano (ADA) also rose 6 percent to $ 1.12.

However, on the 24-hour UNI scale, with a 25% increase, it saw the largest price increase among high-value altcoins. As a result, the Uniswap dominance token hit a record high of $ 32 earlier today. Thus, this asset became the twelfth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value.

The situation has been slightly better between lesser-valued altcoins. The Pundi X tops the list with a 55% price increase, followed by Flow (20%), Voyager (19%), BitTorrent (17%) and Ontology (14%).

Quant, on the other hand, had the biggest price drop of 13 percent. Ren (-11%), Solana (-9%), Monero (-9%) and EOS (-9%) are next.

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Economic calendar Tuesday, February 3

Economic calendar Tuesday, February 3



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