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Analysis of global GOLD trends Friday, June 25

Analysis of global GOLD trends Friday, June 25
Will the $ 1764 support hold its position?


The weekly ounce chart of the world gold is down and is in line with the support line at $ 1764. The XAUUSD daily chart also hit support at $ 1764 and rose. Although the $ 1764 support situation seems fragile, in order to break this support, the daily chart of the global gold ounce must be closed below this key support. Otherwise, if buyers defend this support, the price of an ounce of global gold will rise to the resistance of $ 1855.

In the four-hour ounce chart of global gold, the market is close to the support of $ 1764. If this support works, the first market resistance will be the key level of $ 1808. Otherwise, with the failure of the weekly support of $ 1764, one should expect gold to fall to the support of $ 1724.

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50 Korean companies apply for a new license in the field of cryptocurrencies

50 Korean companies apply for a new license in the field of cryptocurrencies


Fifty South Korean-based cryptocurrency companies have applied for a new Information Security Management System (ISMS) license. The license is issued by the South Korean government and certifies companies that meet strict standards of information protection and privacy.

This regulation will come into force in September 2021 and is one of the first licenses for digital currency trading in Korea. With a large number of young people active in the digital currency market, it has the largest digital currency trading population in the world.

 The Korean government has introduced or is about to introduce laws to better regulate local digital currency markets.

ISMS is one of them. This license evaluates jobs according to various criteria - including overall risk management, access control, server and security management, and more. 20 local exchanges have already received ISMS certification, including UpBit and Kobit, and 30 other exchanges have applied and are waiting in line.

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Amazon| shares likely to grow 10% after the unveiling of {Luna} cloud gaming service

Amazon shares likely to grow 10% after the unveiling of Luna cloud gaming service

https://bayanbox.ir/view/2462835835322777093/Amazon-Luna-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is set to make its Luna game service available to Amazon Prime subscribers in conjunction with the Amazon Prime Day Festival on June 21 and 22. This could pave the way for a new source of revenue and increase the value of the company's stock.

Last September, 37 analysts set a 12-month target for Amazon at $ 3,732.29 on average and the lowest and highest forecast levels at $ 3,400 and $ 4,200, respectively. These figures show a 10.51% increase over today's stock price of $ 3383.13 (-0.022%).

It is worth noting that the company's latest quarterly revenue report shows revenue of $ 108.52 billion, an increase of 44% over the previous year. Obviously, this figure has broken analysts' forecast of $ 105.23 billion. The company reported earnings of $ 15.79 per share, which is contrary to analysts' estimates of $ 9.54.

Luna game service and Amazon shares

As can be seen from the company's stock performance, Amazon continues to move forward: 3.67% growth in 5 days, 4.69% in 1 month, 9.44% in 3 months, and 3.9% growth since the beginning of the year. The company has been operating for the past year. Perhaps one of the reasons for this growth is the increase in online shopping since the beginning of the Corona epidemic. Currently, the company plans to increase its sales in the second quarter of the year to 110 to 116 billion dollars. Amazon hours of play on the Prime Video platform have increased by 70% compared to last year, so the arrival of Amazon Prime Day is expected to have a positive impact on sales.

The company's latest offer gives all Prime members in the United States access to a 7-day trial of the Luna cloud platform. Initially, access to Luna was limited to subscriptions to Amazon Fire TVs. However, the company has now lifted this restriction and Luna is compatible with other operating systems including Mac Apple, Windows PC and via the web on iPhone, iPad and Android.

From June 14 to 22, Luna controller buyers will enjoy a 30% discount on $ 69.99.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) introduced Luna as its first move in the gaming industry in September last year. The platform has evolved to the point where it now competes with giants such as Xbox, Google Stadia, Game Pass and Microsoft xCloud. However, in the meantime, certain studies have already affected the Luna cloud gaming platform. For example, some testers claim that although games load quickly, the title library is very small. In addition, to have an uninterrupted game, you need to have an internet speed of at least 25 Mbps.

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The [A16z] Cryptocurrency Investment Fund raised $ 2 billion

The A16z Cryptocurrency Investment Fund raised $ 2 billion

https://bayanbox.ir/view/4073314114475872358/A16Z-Investment.jpg Eric Newcomer, quoted by informed sources, wrote in his newsletter that the third crypto investment fund, Andreessen Horowitz, intends to raise $ 2 billion.

Last month, we read in a report from the Financial Times that the capital of the crypto investment fund managed by a16z has increased from $ 800 million to $ 1 billion. The A16z has already invested a significant portion of its capital in crypto startups and has recently focused on network scaling and the NFT market.

The last investment made by this institution is $ 8 million to launch the RTFKT startup on May 5; $ 23 million in the unrivaled OpenSea token market on March 18 and several projects related to digital collections such as Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties.

In addition to NFT markets, the a16z cryptocurrency portfolio includes investments in cryptographic infrastructures such as Bitcoin and Atrium, defy projects such as Uni Swap, and exchanges such as CoinBase.

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Ripple XRP sales grew 97 percent in the first quarter

Ripple XRP sales grew 97 percent in the first quarter


According to the published report, Ripple has increased its XRP sales by 97% in the first quarter of 2021.

The San Francisco-based company sold a total of $ 150.34 million XRP this quarter. Ripple attributes the increase to "deeper engagement" with customers who use XRP for overseas payments:

"Ripple continues to sell as part of providing XRP liquidity to improve the ODL experience for specific customers, eliminate the need for prepayment and enable fast global payments."

In December, the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused Ripple of illegally selling $ 1.3 billion worth of XRP and launched a protracted legal battle.

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S&P 500 Index Analysis Wednesday, May 5

S&P 500 Index Analysis Wednesday, May 5


The S&P 500 is hovering below the 4,200 mark, and analysts at Credit Suisse believe that a relatively long recession awaits the index. Also, the most important level of support is in the range of 4118 to 4112 units.

Due to the formation of several downtrend patterns as well as the downtrend of the MACD indicator, we will probably face a downtrend and volatility.

On the other hand, the resistance range of 4188 to 4193 units has prevented the growth of this index. The first support level is in the range of 4157 to 4155 units and if the index penetrates below this level, the next target will be the support range of 4118 to 4112 units. The last important level of support is in the range of 4086 to 4079 units. This level is adjacent to the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level of the March uptrend.

On the other hand, if the resistance level above 4193 units is stabilized, we will see the growth of the S&P 500 index up to the range of 4209 to 4212 units. If the index can reach above 4219 units, we can expect an upward trend towards the targets of 4225, 4229, 4259 and 4260 units.

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Bitcoin and Ethereum indexes are launched in the S&P DJI index

Bitcoin and Ethereum indexes are launched in the S&P DJI index


The S&P Dow Jones index has launched three new currency indexes. These three indicators are S&P Bitcoin, S&P Ethereum and S&P Crypto Mega Cap Index, which is a combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum .

A move we have been waiting for a long time

People have been waiting for a long time for a traditional financial product that can track the price of cryptocurrencies for a long time. In this regard, S&P announced last year that it intends to release its currency code index in 2021.

New indicators can be used as tracking and positioning tools in traditional financial space. On the other hand, more reliable pricing from a reputable source will protect investors from connecting to cryptocurrency APIs that may not provide the correct pricing data. S&P hopes the move will make it easier for investors to access the cryptocurrency asset class and even reduce some of the risks of a volatile cryptocurrency market.

While there is still no commodity (ETF) product that small investors can buy directly to access the real price of cryptocurrencies, the S&P move is more of a step towards legitimizing and consolidating the cryptocurrency market. The world of stocks and funds can be traded.

How this indicator works

These indicators use data from Lukka, a provider of data related to cryptocurrencies. Lukka's process examines various exchanges based on criteria such as transparency, data integrity, and other factors to determine their participation in the final pricing.

These indices track about 550 digital assets with the best market value index. Luca CEO Robert Materazzi added that working with S&P DJI is an important turning point in linking the cryptocurrency ecosystem to traditional financial services.

These three indicators will be available in the main index catalogs with the SPBTC, SPETH and SPCMC tickers, respectively. The SPCMC, meanwhile, is more interesting than the others because it is rebalanced every three months to change the ratio of the underlying cryptocurrencies (in this case BTC and ETH), given that it weighs in proportion to the market value. This ensures that investors will not be overexposed or underexposed to any of these currencies if there is a serious price move that could dramatically change the ratio of the index basket.

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Todex Exchange transferred 125 million bitcoins to Kraken Exchange before closing

Todex Exchange transferred 125 million bitcoins to Kraken Exchange before closing


Between August 2020 and February 2021, approximately 5,000 bitcoins valued at approximately $ 125 million at the time of the transaction (and more than $ 280 million at today's prices) The Thodex exchange has been transferred to the American exchange in Kraken.

White Stream, which has a contract with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, said it appeared to be a "cash withdrawal operation" by Todex. In other words, Todex may have stolen bitcoins from its customers before sending them money and sent them to Kraken for recovery.

According to Levy, a set of Bitcoin wallet addresses controlled by Todex, through an intermediary wallet set, sent the bitcoins to the destination address. Most of this money has also been transferred to Cracken.

"The bottom line is that Cracken has received a lot of bitcoins from Todex customers," Levy told the Decree news website.

Asked if there was an honest explanation for this, Levy said: "This volume of transaction can only be justified if Todex conducted all of its financial activities through Kraken. "But that is not the case, and it is very strange."

Turkey last week arrested more than 60 people in connection with the Todex exit scam, confiscated the company's computers and froze the company's bank accounts.

On Thursday, six others were jailed on suspicion of involvement in the scam, including family members of Faruk Fatih Ozer, the exchange's managing director, who fled to Albania shortly before the exchange closed. Turkey has reportedly demanded Ozer's arrest. Ozer claims that the exchange's problems are related to a cyber attack, not a scam.

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SBI CEO: Ripple will be made public after a lawsuit in the SEC!

SBI CEO: Ripple will be made public after a lawsuit in the SEC!


Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Finance Group in Japan, said in a call for revenue that Ripple would be made public, adding that Chris Larsen, one of the founders, wants the company to move in that direction. Slow:

Following the current petition, Ripple will be made public. Chris wants to do that.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghaus claimed that his company could lead the IPO in Davos in January 2020.

In the next 12 months, you will see an IPO in the crypto / blockchain space. We will not be the first and we will not be the last, but I expect to be on the leading side. This is a natural evolution for our company. ”

But these plans seem to have been abandoned. While shares of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange continue to be traded on the Nasdaq, Ripple is currently embroiled in an unpleasant legal battle with the SEC.

SBI Group, Ripple's largest foreign shareholder, has long been a strong supporter of XRP, which has been touted as an cryptographic asset in Japan. Shareholders can receive dividends for the second year in a row, as reported by U.Today.

In December, Kitao said that Ripple's legal problems in the United States would not have a major impact on its global trade.

Exploratory wars

Ripple, meanwhile, insists the SEC must provide its internal communications in a letter to Judge Sarah Netburn.

The issue will be discussed at another conference call on April 30.

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Miners collect bitcoins in large quantities

Miners collect bitcoins in large quantities


The chart presented by Glassnode shows a sharp increase in the net position change index of miners.

This shows that instead of selling it, BTC miners store their extracted bitcoins in cold wallets for a long time.

The indicator of the net position change indicator of miners becomes greener

The Golsnood chart, shared by Moskov Capital Senior Investment Director, shows that miners are still collecting the world's top digital currency and are not currently thinking of selling it.

This index turned green for the first time this year on February 27, and this was the first time that it turned green since December 27.

Bitcoin prices are improving

Bitcoin is taking back its profits. According to CoinMarketCap, it has now climbed to $ 54,767 after falling to $ 47,000 on Monday.

Bitcoin Mask and Portnoy Talk

Today, Tesla & SpaceX CEO Ilan Musk stood up to Barstol Sports CEO Dave Portnoy and condemned him for holding his bitcoin deposit. Tesla, meanwhile, sold 10 percent of its BTC balance sheet to prove Kevin's liquidity.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Portnoy tweeted that it had bought a bitcoin. Apparently, he has decided not to buy more bitcoins for fear of another sharp fluctuation.

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