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GBPUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25

GBPUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25
The pound is involved in long-term resistance


The GBPUSD weekly chart has returned above the 20-day moving average and is facing selling pressures from the broken support line. The GBPUSD daily chart is also under pressure from $ 1,3961 and may fall to support at $ 1,3678. In the four-hour GBPUSD chart, the British pound has returned to support at $ 1.39. This trend rate is consistent with Fibonacci levels. Intensifying sell-offs could push the euro to its first support at $ 1,3859 and then to $ 1,3812.

But if the British pound jumps from current levels, it will face resistance at $ 1.4011 and the next resistance of the pound will be $ 1.4069.

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EURUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25

EURUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25
Is the euro coming out of the neutral phase?


The short-term trend of the Euro against the US Dollar is neutral and the EURUSD pair fluctuates above the rate of $ 1,1846. According to sellers, a break of $ 1,1846 could push the downtrend starting from $ 1,265 to the support of $ 1,1703. In the eyes of buyers, if the EURUSD pair crosses above the four-hour moving average of 55 days at $ 1.1976, the short-term trend of the market will rise to the resistance of $ 1.2265.

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Technical analysis of the global gold ounce Saturday, May 8

Analysis of the global gold ounce Saturday, May 8


The price of an ounce of global gold is in a good position after hitting a long-term support level and, according to the analysis of the Credit Suisse Institute, will increase to the level of $ 1,853 within the 200-day moving average indicator.

Gold fell above the important $ 1.755 to $ 1.765 level after falling to the support level of $ 1.682 to $ 1.671, near the level of 38.2 ونا Fibonacci Correction of its five-year long-term uptrend.

Currently, the key resistance levels are $ 1.835, $ ​​1.853 and $ 1.871, respectively.
On the other hand, if the price falls below the support level of $ 1,724 to $ 1,721, the possibility of an uptrend is eliminated.

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