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If the current {trend } continues, bitcoin could reach $ [50,000] again

If the current trend continues, bitcoin could reach $ 50,000 again

https://bayanbox.ir/view/7085618510686445904/bitcoin-up-50.jpg Fundstrat, a Wall Street investment-research firm, said Bitcoin could be on track to reach $ 50,000 despite recording its third monthly drop in crypto market history.

The market flagship ciphers are in the middle of the formation of the reverse head and shoulder pattern.

"The fact that the price of Bitcoin is still looking to lower its ceilings is a" good sign, "said Tom Lee, chief executive of the fundraising research division.

As reported by U.Today, Mr. Lee also claims that Bitcoin, despite its sharp correction, can still end the year at more than $ 100,000.

The company reiterated its April research forecast and wrote that Atrium could reach $ 10,000 this year.

However, Fundastrate's analysis is questionable, as Mr. Lee became infamous in the winter of 2018 for his erroneous predictions on cryptocurrency prices.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 36,863 at Bitstamp. The current price is still about 43% away from the historical record of $ 64,895.

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The data show that the bitcoin hash rate decreased in China and increased in the United States

The data show that the bitcoin hash rate decreased in China and increased in the United States


Although most bitcoin mining pools are still located in China, there are signs that they are shifting.

Chun Wang, founder of one of the largest bitcoin mining pools called F2Pool, reported that China had less than half the bitcoin network hash rate in April 2020. Wong said this was the first time in eight years that Chinese pools had represented a network hashtag minority. "This is a real change," he said.

Data released by Wang on April 22 by Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group, shows that the US-based Bitcoin mining pool, Foundry, climbed in April and is among the top 5 pools in the world, accounting for 7.6%. Holds stock.

"The bitcoin hash rate is rapidly shifting from China to North America," Silbert claimed. Leading pool is still AntPool, which is operated by Chinese hardware maker Bitmain and accounts for 18.6% of the network's total hash rate.

The University of Cambridge calculated that the dominance of Chinese miners in April 2020 was about 65%. Referring to these figures in January 2021, the Miner Daily Mining estimated that China's share had reached 55% of the network hash power since the beginning of this year, with the United States accounting for 11%.

On April 30, Cointelegraph reported that China's digital currency extraction operations may be subject to stricter regulations in the future, which could lead to more network hash migration from the country. China is also recently considering miners' electricity consumption, given its carbon commitments.

In late February, officials in the Central Mongolia Autonomous Region reportedly shut down all local mining facilities to reduce energy consumption in the region. This region accounts for about 8% of the global hash rate.

In a May 5 article, Marty Bennett said that F2Pool findings confirm that a growing geographical distribution trend is emerging.

He added that this raises some concerns that the Chinese central government may dominate the bitcoin network.

"It is very good to have some data from Chinese pools that show that the percentage of total hash rate production at China's borders has decreased." And concerns about the energy consumption and environmental impact of bitcoin may be alleviated by further shifting mining operations to renewable energy, especially in the more stringent United States.

According to the Nasdaq report on May 4, Texas has become a Mecca of bitcoin mining fields due to low energy costs and the fact that most of them are supplied by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

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Ethereum will soon be $ 10,000! Wednesday, May 5

Ethereum will soon be $ 10,000! Wednesday, May 5


Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency on the market, could soon reach $ 10,000. In fact, ether prices have risen sharply over the past two years. This rate has been steadily increasing to more than 343% to date.

According to CoinGecko, the price of ether at the time of writing is $ 3,380.

Sheldon Evans, YouTuber, a digital currency, in a video titled "Ethereum Up to 10,000?" - An event for massive growth! Explained to cryptocurrency Ether analysis and the possibilities of converting Ethereum to Bitcoin.

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Weekly evaluation of Kitco site of gold market ,May 3

Weekly evaluation of Kitco site of gold market ,May 3


Disappointment is back in the global gold ounce market. The XAUUSD price could not cross the $ 1,800 resistance. At the same time, inflationary pressures are intensifying, expansionary monetary policies continue to be strong, and governments are seeking to increase their spending. According to Kitco News, analysts have warned that lower global ounce prices should be prepared for lower prices in such circumstances. However, many analysts believe that the recent price cut is just a pullback to support and will provide a new opportunity to buy.
This week, 15 Wall Street activists took part in a weekly evaluation of the Kitco site. Fifty-three percent predict that the global ounce gold trend will be bullish in next week's trading. Another 47% predict that the market will be trendless or neutral. None of the market professionals expect a downward trend in the short term. Meanwhile, 954 Main Street investors took part in the online survey. 54% are in favor of an uptrend, 26% are in favor of a downtrend and 20% are in favor of a trend-neutral market.
Some analysts believe that gold failed to break $ 1800, but at the same time managed to defend the support of $ 1750. For this reason, market participants see last week's price drop as an opportunity to buy gold at lower prices.

Opinions of traders and investors about ounces of global gold

Ole Hansen is a commodity market strategist at Saxo Bank

"Gold has again disappointed its investors."

Adrian Day, President of Adrian D. Capital Management Company

"The price of an ounce of global gold should pull back to $ 1745. Gold broke the $ 1745 resistance in early April. This resistance prevented further growth of gold prices for two months. It is better that the market responds to this resistance as soon as possible in the form of support. The long-term trend of global gold ounces is bullish. "Inflationary pressures have intensified, and the Federal Reserve does not want to counteract the rise in inflation by raising interest rates or exiting the bond-buying program."

Marc Chandler is the CEO of Bannockburn Global Forex

The professional activist believes that if the market does not defend the support of $ 1750, the price of a global ounce of gold could fall to $ 1724. "Technically, the short-term trend of the global ounce of gold tends to decline. "Gold is approaching the $ 1,752 support area, which includes a 38.2% correction in the April Fibonacci rally." Although the long-term ounce of global gold is bullish for the professional activist, gold has performed poorly compared to copper, the stock market and even bitcoin. "There are strong risk aversions in the parallel gold markets and no one likes to wait for gold to grow in this situation. "Investors have better options to buy."

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Phemex Exchange added Ripple and 8 other cryptocurrencies to its list

Phemex Exchange added Ripple and 8 other cryptocurrencies to its list


Phemex, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it has added eight new cryptocurrencies to its list of supported currencies. These cryptocurrencies are available in both Spot Market and Derivatives Market. These 8 new currencies are BAT, CHZ, MANA, ENJ, SUSHI, SNX, GRT and MKR.

Following this move, FMEX will support BAT / USDT, CHZ / USDT, MANA / USDT, ENJ / USDT, SUSHI / USDT, SNX / USDT, GRT / USDT and MKR / USDT trading pairs.

The platform implements a rigorous evaluation process for its newly listed currencies. Each entry is examined carefully enough and only currencies are available to the users of this exchange that meet all the set criteria. Meanwhile, users can always provide feedback and suggestions on new features or tokens to the FMEX support team.

Ripple re-entry

Phemex was one of the exchanges that stopped XRP trading and removed this popular cryptocurrency from its list. Since then, the XRP market has returned to normal, and this fact, in turn, has influenced the decision to re-establish spot trades and XRP contracts at the FMX exchange. Users can now access XRP / USDT spot trades as well as XRP / USD linear contracts with up to 20 levers.

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Gold Trading Offer - Central Trading Tuesday, April 27

Gold Trading Offer - Central Trading Tuesday, April 27


Offer: Buy a deal above the point of 1773.00 with the first tick of 1789.00 and the second tick of 1796.00
Alternative offer (in case of price change) When the price falls below 1773.00, the price first starts moving towards 1768.00 and 1760.00.

Support and resistance points


More about gold ...

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Microsoft, Apple and Microsoft Strategy stock tokens listed on Bainance

Microsoft, Apple and Microsoft Strategy stock tokens listed on Bainance


Bainance Exchange announced that it will list shares of Microsoft, Apple and Microstrate until the end of April.

Users of this exchange can buy microstrate stock from today. Apple and Microsoft stock tokens will be listed on April 28 and 30, respectively.

Since the beginning of this month, Bainance has started listing stock tokens. Tesla was the first company to list the exchange in the form of a token. Bainance has even listed the stock of its rival, Kevin Base.

All of these token stocks are purchased with the Stable Kevin Bainance (BUSD).

While these products are also offered by FTX, Bainance offers free stock trading.

It is worth noting that these tokens can be traded only during the opening hours of the US stock market.

Legal supervision

Bainance is under new legal scrutiny because of its new product, which is supposed to democratize stock trading.

On April 22, the Financial Times reported that the UK Office of Financial Conduct had begun working with an exchange to determine whether the product was covered by UK securities law:

"We cannot comment specifically on our confidentiality obligations. Basically, the following applies: If the tokens are transferable, can be traded in a crypto exchange, and are equipped with economic rights such as dividends or cash settlements, they represent securities and are subject to the issuance of a stock listing. ”

Turkish, American and Chinese Bainance users have been banned from trading these tokens.

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Club House launches new content for NFT sales

Club House launches new content for NFT sales


A new press release from Club House Media Group states that the company intends to create a new content house, leading artists, finance and digital currency specialists and influential people in the field, digital currency investors and NFT lovers. Gathered in a market.

With its new content house called BlockhouseCH, the company plans to collect and tokenize newly created pieces of art by members and market them on platforms such as rally.io.

Invited creators create new content, digital art, and market influential people to sell.

Clubhouse Media President Chris Young said BlockhouseCH would be the first cryptocurrency-focused content house to combine all of cryptography and NFT. BlockhouseCH specializes in offering these new products to investors and other interested parties.

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Gold trading opportunities today - Monday, April 19

Gold trading opportunities today - Monday, April 19


Offer: Buy a deal above the point of 1766.00 with the first tick of 1784.00 and the second tick of 1796.00

Alternative offer (in case of price trend change) When the price falls below 1766.00, the price first starts moving towards 1759.00 and 1749.00.

Support and resistance points


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the cryptocurrency market Thursday, March 25

the cryptocurrency market Thursday, March 25

Bitcoin lost more than $ 6,000 in value

The situation seemed to change in favor of this superior currency after the news of the acceptance of Bitcoin by Tesla as a payment option was published. At the same time, however, Bitcoin rose by several thousand dollars to $ 57,000. But since then, Bitcoin has fallen below $ 6,500 to $ 5,500 a day. Despite the return of the price to the level of $ 53,000, Bitcoin still shows a 4% decrease in 24-hour timeframe.

What is more remarkable than the fall in the price of Bitcoin is the devaluation of the currency below $ 1 trillion. According to Bybt data, the increase in fluctuations since yesterday has led to a decrease of more than $ 2 billion in the total market value of this currency.

Altcoins drown in a sea of ​​blood

After a few days of margin trading, the Altcoins market situation looked good yesterday with slight gains. Atrium pioneered this growth, rising to $ 1,700 and $ 1,740. However, the situation has changed completely in the last 24 hours. The sudden drop of $ 200 in the price of ETH caused this asset to reach its daily low price of $ 1550 a few hours ago. Since then, ETH is still below $ 1,600, down more than 6 percent.

Today, red dominates other altcoins. Binance Quinn (5%) and Cardano (2.5%) reached $ 245 and $ 1.1, respectively.

Polkadat fell 13% to $ 31, Ripple (-10%) fell below $ 0.5, (11.5%) to $ 27, LightQueen (-9%) to $ 175 and Theta (-18%) to around $ 12. .

Theta Fuel (-24%), IOTA (-15%), Ontology (-13%), Phantom (-12%), OMG Network (-12%), Flow (-12%), Ren (-12%) , SushiSwap (-12%) and 0x (-11%) are other fallout altcoins today.

Finally, the cumulative capital of the cryptocurrency market fell by $ 150 billion to $ 1.620 trillion.

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