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The first Bitcoin investment fund in the Middle East was launched at Nasdaq Dubai

The first Bitcoin investment fund in the Middle East was launched at Nasdaq Dubai

https://bayanbox.ir/view/326139722444298430/bitcoin-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Canadian digital asset fund management company 3iQ has announced the launch of the Middle East region's first bitcoin mutual fund on the Dubai Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

New Bitcoin Market

While the number of Bitcoin investors is growing worldwide, the opening of a Bitcoin fund could pave the way for a new influx of capital from one of the richest regions of the world into the currency market.

Investors can gain access to bitcoin price movements more than ever by buying the fund's investment units. Currently, in addition to the ability to buy directly from the Dubai Nasdaq market, it is possible to move units from the Toronto Stock Exchange to the Dubai Nasdaq. It is worth mentioning that after the beginning of trading the shares of this fund, the price of each share increased very fast by 11% and from $ 34.57 the initial price reached $ 38.40.

Frederick Pye, CEO of 3iQ, expressed satisfaction with the decision, saying that although the move comes as Bitcoin has lost more than 50 percent of its value in just a few weeks, Investors in the fund are likely to be in a "win-win" position in the event of a possible price increase in the summer.

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17% of the world's bitcoin reserves have not been moved for more than 7 years

17% of the world's bitcoin reserves have not been moved for more than 7 years

The Unfolded database announced yesterday that a high percentage of the world's bitcoins have not been traded for more than seven years. This data is extracted by the "HODL Wave" indicator, which is a practical tool in the analysis of chain data on the Glassnode website.

This indicator tracks the time between bitcoin transactions, giving an in-depth look at how long that bitcoin has been stored at an address before being moved across the network. The indicator is named after a popular post on the Bitcointalk forum that told bitcoin holders in 2013 to hodl their bitcoins and not sell them. .

The HODL Wave indicator shows that more than 3.3 million bitcoins have not been transferred on the network for more than 7 years. This amount of bitcoins is equal to 17.87% of the total bitcoins in circulation in the world and their value is estimated at the current price of bitcoins of about 160 billion dollars.

These bitcoins do not necessarily belong to whales. Large quantities of these bitcoins have been lost in recent years due to accidental deaths or password forgetfulness.

"Many of these wallets belong to people who bought or mined bitcoins at very low prices and then extracted them," said YIELD App CEO Tim Frost in a note. They are lost and do not have access to it. "Until 2013, many saw bitcoin as a monopoly currency and had no vision for the future and what bitcoin could become."

Last year, a report was published by the Chainalysis website that reported a slightly higher number of bitcoins lost in smaller timeframes. It reported that approximately 3.7 million bitcoins in the world (20% of circulating bitcoins) had not been traded for 5 years. The same report also noted that 3.5 million bitcoins worldwide are actively traded on the open market, while 11.4 million bitcoins are held as long-term investments in Chinese blockchain addresses.

However, Tim Frost believes that it is possible to provide access to these bitcoins to their owners. "These wallets are like hammers that can hit the market at any moment."

But this issue can also be traced. Glassnode has another indicator called Coin Days Destroyed that moves upwards when an old bitcoin is moved over the network.

As we can see in the chart above, in late 2018 and 2019, we see that the old currencies in the network have been transferred to the network for the first time and after a long time. We see such activity now and in 2021, but the level of these activities is almost the same and has not increased.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, February 24

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, February 24


After another volatile day, BTC was able to recover some of its lost value today and trade at $ 50,000. Most alternative coins have also breathed a sigh of relief, and the value of the cryptocurrency market has risen by more than $ 130 billion.

Bitcoin once again touched $ 50,000

It can be said with confidence that BTC is having better days than in the last 96 hours. The cryptocurrency recently set a new record at $ 58,400, but the bears did not allow the price to rise further, pushing Bitcoin to more than $ 13,000, hitting $ 45,000.

Yesterday, the market's top cryptocurrency was initially close to $ 50,000, but adverse price movements pushed the asset back to $ 47,000.

Since then, BTC has improved somewhat. The price of Bitcoin even reached $ 51,500, but is now trading at around $ 50,400 with a slight decrease.

If Bitcoin can successfully overcome the resistance of $ 50,000, then it will face significant resistance at $ 51,500 and $ 52,000. If the price falls again, levels of $ 48,000, $ 47,000 and $ 44,750 could help the currency.

Altcoins trying to recover the price

In the latest market corrections, most replacement coins fell even more than BTC. Atrium fell below $ 1,400 from its $ 2040 record. However, ETH did not fall below its record price floor and is now trading at around $ 1650.

Binance Coin The Binance Coin also fell sharply to around $ 200 but has since risen to $ 270. Polkadat (1.5%) and China Link (2%) have also turned green in the last 24 hours.

In contrast, Ripple (-7%), Light Coin (5%) and Bitcoin Cash (-5%) are still losing value.

Stacks (31%), THORChain (25%), Phantom (25%), UNUS SED LEO (22%), Solana (-17%), Compound (15%), Terra (12%), THETA (11%) And Aave (10%) are among the less valuable market currencies that have seen significant growth today.

As a result, the cumulative capital of the cryptocurrency market also returned somewhat from yesterday's low, rising $ 130 billion to $ 1.51 trillion.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Monday, February 22

An overview of the cryptocurrency market  Monday, February 22

After the last bitcoin price record of about $ 58,000, the currency returned to the $ 55,000 floor with more than $ 3,000 correction. Most replacement coins also lost some value, and Atrium fell below $ 1,900.

$ 3000 Bitcoin drop

The first cryptocurrency on the market had a very positive week, with the stock rising more than $ 12,000 in the past few days, from a record low of $ 46,000 to several consecutive records. The last record was set yesterday after BTC reached $ 58,400, which is currently the highest price level in the history of this currency.

However, the bears took action at this stage and did not allow the currency to rise further. Thus, within a few hours, Bitcoin lost more than $ 3,000 in value and reached $ 55,000.

However, BTC has recovered some of that lost value and is currently above the $ 56,000 mark.

Technical indicators show that if the price continues to improve, Bitcoin could gain more support at the levels of $ 55,000, $ 52,365 and $ 50,800. Instead, BTC must cross the $ 57,500 and $ 58,350 resistance lines before entering a new unknown territory.

Atrium below $ 1900 and Ripple jump to $ 0.60

Most large altcoins have started a correction process again in the last 24 hours. Atrium, which hit an all-time high of $ 2050 on Saturday, has lost about $ 200 since then and is currently trading below $ 1,900.

Polkadat has also seen a 2% decline in the last 24 hours. Cardano (5%), LightQueen (1%) and China Link (4%) are all red today.

Binance Quinn reached $ 280 after a 6% increase and partially offset yesterday's loss. However, Ripple rose 20 percent to above $ 0.60 and showed the best performance.
As usual, lower market value altcoins have seen more volatility. The Pundi X went green today with a 53% increase, followed by IOST (48%), Fantom (40%), Holo (35%), OKB (30%), BitTorrent (22%) and Terra (18%). ) Placed.

In contrast, Ontology has lost most of its value (-12%) since yesterday. SushiSwap (-12%), Ravencoin (-11%), Horizen (-11%), 1inch (-11%), THORChain (-10%) and Uniswap (-10%) are also in the next ranks. .

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday, February 6

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today

The crypto market took a big step forward with the entry of Ether into the $ 1,700 channel and its all-time high of $ 1,773. Atrium futures trading in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group is scheduled to begin on February 9, which is why many analysts predict that the Altcoin will move to serious resistance on its way to It will reach $ 2000.

Ether is currently trading at $ 1,669, up 1.27% in 24-hour timeframe. Meanwhile, the market's top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, traded up 5.24 percent over the past 24 hours at $ 39,268.

Gas costs in the Atrium network also reached the highest level in history at the same time as the price increase and caused some exchanges to suspend the ability to withdraw ETH and ERC-20.

On February 4, Yern Finance (YFI) was the victim of a massive attack, and a hacker removed $ 11 billion worth of StableCoin DAI from the DAI coffers. The team took swift action to reduce the damage. These include blocking the $ 1.7 million stolen budget and making a targeted proposal by the MakerDAO community to create a debt-for-collateral position (CDP).

Altcoins on the growth path

While Bitcoin traded in the range of $ 36,000 to $ 38,000, Altcoins accelerated and on Friday a large number of Altcoins saw a bullish decline in their price.

MakerDAO (MKR) grew another 45% to $ 3,099 before modifying to $ 2,810, while the Defy 0x (ZRX) Infrastructure Protocol rose 61% to $ 1.63.

Cardano (ADA) showed the most prominent performance among the larger altcoins with a 26.44% increase. Baines Coin (BNB) also reached its highest price at 64.87.

The total value of the cryptocurrency market today stands at $ 1.17 trillion, while Bitcoin dominates 60.1%.

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