Grayscale Investment Company bought $ 1 billion worth of Altcoin in 24 hours

Skill Investment Fund bought a significant amount of Altcoin worth $ 0.9 billion in 24 hours.

The company has added $ 45.8 billion in bitcoins and altcoins to its portfolio since April 21.

Bybt Analysis Service data show that GaryScale has bought more Altcoins to add to its assets

As of April 22, the company has purchased 519 Horizon Digital Currencies (ZEN), 967 Live Pier (LPT) and 29,990 China LINK.

Also, over the past seven days, Grayscale has bought 71,035 Stellar (XLM) and 2,965 Horizon (ZEN) along with 5 recently built Altcoins:

MANA: +278,206

LPT: +20,145

FIL: +3,525

LINK: +42,506

BAT: + 259,424