Dogecoin Analysis (DOGE) Wednesday, March 4
Following the fall of the Dogecoin digital currency this month, buyers are trying to form a corrective trend. However, we are seeing a slight volatility in the Dogecoin price.
On the other hand, by drawing two trend lines in a four-hour time frame, a regular triangle pattern is formed. If this pattern is broken from any side, an ascending or descending trend will be formed.
If the pattern breaks, the Dodge Quinn will rise 38% to $ 0.07. However, buyers should be able to push the price above the levels of the 100 and 200 moving average indicators in the four-hour time frame.

Another factor that has increased the probability of price growth is the uptrend of the MACD indicator. According to this indicator, the MACD line has reached the top of the signal line. This triggered a buy signal by the MACD.
On the other hand, the number of new daily addresses that are added to the network of this digital currency has now reached 42,000 after reaching 33,000 on February 23rd. The growth and expansion of the Dogecoin network is an important fundamental factor for price growth.

On the other hand, looking at the four-hour time frame, we see that the 50 moving average indicator in the range of $ 0.05 plays the role of a support. If the price penetrates below the level of this indicator, the price will fall to the downtrend line of the triangle pattern, and if this level is broken, we will see a strong downtrend to the target of $ 0.03.